Amit Shah’s Uttarakhand Visit: Ministers overdrive to shore up picture

In front of BJP president Amit Shah’s visit to Uttarakhand today, Cabinet serves in TS Rawat government have gone into overdrive to shore up their pictures over the most recent couple of days. No less than two clergymen, dreading expulsion from the Cabinet, have inproved their perceivability by depending on self-advancement tricks.

PM Narendra Modi’s birthday that fell yesterday proved to be useful as a large portion of the Cabinet clergymen chose to employ the sweepers and were seen cleaning the city. Uttarakhand Women Empowerment and Child Development Minister Rekha Arya took out a cycle rally and secured 55 km under young lady tyke crusade.

Then again, Uttarakhand school training clergyman Arvind Pandey did amaze examinations of government schools and even turned into a victim of joke when he went into a contention with an educator on a numerical idea that he had misunderstood all.

Both these priests, party sources say, are dreadful of losing their Cabinet compartments as they have been ticked off by the senior party initiative.

On the off chance that priests have been embracing reputation tricks, government hardware has been working extra time to spruce up the city. Streets are being tarred, asphalts painted and new trees have been planted to satisfy the BJP president.

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