Uttarakhand to urge Centre to declare Jamrani dam a national project

The construction work on the Jamrani dam project, which is conceptualized in the 1970s to be based on the Gola River may begin soon yet heightening expense may put a spanner in its development, authorities said on Thursday.

The project on the edges of Haldwani city is relied upon to be cleared one month from now by the administrations of Uttar Pradesh and Uttarakhand; in any case, heightening in development cost has turned into a noteworthy concern, authorities said. The proposed dam on the Gola River will be utilized for the supply of drinking water and water system by the two neighboring states.

Uttarakhand is trusting that the since quite a while ago deferred venture is proclaimed a national undertaking with the goal that the Center will bear the cost and the state won’t need to burn through cash, which is hard to oversee as the state is as of now desperate.

LK Sharma, chief engineer of the irrigation department for Kumaon said that at the point when the undertaking was conceptualized, it was assessed to cost ₹400 crore. The evaluated cost of the venture was modified to₹ 2300 crore in 2015, which has now expanded to ₹2,800 crore.


State finance minister Prakash Pant, however, said the government is trying to tackle the funding in a judicious way. “We are urging the Centre to declare it as a national project following which part of the cost will be borne by the state government and the state government will approach offices like the Asian Development Bank and the NABARD for advances.”

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